Crawler C23 “Workhorse” 1/10 RC Body

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Crawler C23 “Workhorse” 1/10 RC Body

By Ian Jim

Want to conquer all types of terrains? This is it. Designed for use with massive 135mm tyres (for 1/10 scale) this truck has more belly and axle ground clearance than even fully kitted out crawlers.

Please note that the flatbed is sold separately 

Kitted out in this build was a SCX10 iii stretched and modified chassis recycled straight from the Crawler 4320 Dual Cab build we did here.

The Workhorse is also a multi-purpose vehicle that can be used to haul cargo on and off-road. It can also be configured in 4x4 or 6x6 configuration (maximum 120mm tyre height for use with stock TRX6 chassis/wheelbase), for scouting and towing purposes. In 4x4 configuration it is recommended to use a 420mm wheelbase. It is also recommended to use a tyre to tyre outermost width of 240mm for all wheelbases. Wider tyres or a wider track will allow the truck to be more stable at the cost of the turning circle. 

Scale diagrams are shown for mock-up wheelbase setups.

The grille can be swapped out for an alternate version included with the files. The other version has straight horizontal bars going across.

The bonnet can be hard mounted onto the cab for extra rigidity, or it can also be hinge mounted to the bumper as the included magnet mount can hold the bonnet shut. Similarly the doors can also be hinge mounted with the included “alt.” versions for extra realism. The mirrors too are designed to pivot.

LEDs light buckets are included so 5mm and 3mm LEDs can be added to the headlights and fender lights. Body mounting holes are designed for easier mounting without having to do measurements. 

The radiator and interior’s dashboard along with the steering wheel are now included and can be bolted on easily without any modifications. 2.2 mock wheel hubs are also included just to add even more realism.

A pair of body mounts and bumper posts are also included. However it most likely needs to be modified to fit different builds.

Bonus battery box (maximum battery size 168Lx52Wx55H) shown in the picture is also included!


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