Decorative light fixture

Usable 3D printed light fixture for the home

For your home

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This model is an attractive fitting for your home and showcases some of the best techniques to create complex models as good as manufactured parts.

It is featured in an article on the Ultimaker website, 'End-use parts: 3D printing a decorative light fixture'. (

Read the blog for a step-by-step guide to the model, and more on how to design strong, end-use parts.

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Thought I share this with people thinks this is an interesting idea. I agree the print is interesting; however, when I try to print it, I realized there is no mentioning of what sort of hardware (screws, nuts, etc) that is required for assemble. The STLs are also missing the main rod that secures the pull wheel to the pulley wheel axis. I ended up making a simple cylinder rod printed sideway (chopped away about 30% at the bottom for better bed adhesion). I also used M3 socket screw in various length to assemble the 2 pulley halves and the pulley wheel axis to the MAIN body.

I got some nice Nittio LED 20 IM light bulb from Ikea and the lamp cord. It will look great on my backyard shed!

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@harley573, as far as I know it is a bulb from IKEA, for the cord I don't know, perhaps they also have some...

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That is a cool project! Where did you get the bulb socket/cord?

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