Low-Poly Halloween Masks

Print your own masks for Halloween!


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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+
Fun give aways for a 3D Hubs Costume event. Used the "Surface Mode" option in Cura and a 0.8mm nozzle with .5mm layers to cut down the print time.
Some of the models had thin walls that wouldn't print right under usual circumstances. I think for these models the "surface mode" option in Cura makes a ton of sense. You could make these models print even better in this mode by keeping all the angles nice and steep. Like 65 degrees and up.
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Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
There a holes in the gcode
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Printed on:
Deezmaker - Bukobot Mini "Green"
Printed both masks at .3 layer height using pla. Mask on the left took 7 hours Mask on the right took 9 hours
this is way lame youmagine I wasnt able to add this because I couldnt find my printer and thats because I built it. lame
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