E3d V6 hot end mount

E3D V6 hot end mount for ultimaker original

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This is one integrated mount for E3D V6 hot end for ultimaker original. Designed to be used with ultimaker heater cartridge but with e3d heater block. 
You can use even a thermistor or thermocouple (it have holes for thermocouple transmiter)  
For use the thermocouple you have to take out the thermocouple from its original encaspulate (metal) and use it without it. (maybe you have to take out also the ceramic protection inside it) It's really easy to do.  
With this mount you just need: 
-Metal parts from e3d v6 bowden 
-100k ntc thermistor with cables (if you don't want to unmount your thermocouple)  
-30mm fan 
-2x 40mm fans (optional if you want symmetrical cooling) 

Even it's designed to be in same place than original hot end you must readjust the XY endstops or change the trigger in the XY blocks (alan89 blocks are perfect for this) 
Tested with Reptar XY blocks and the ones designed by alan89 (I use this ones). Not tested with original ones.  
Double fanduct for 40mm fans. The fans are 4mm high to avoid clips for heated bed. 
This is the first version, still testing it.
[EDIT] Updated file for right fan, the one in E3dV6 was ok but the "right fan" file was an older version. Sorry.

Materials and methods

3x10 and 3x12 plastite screws



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Printed on:
ultimaker original
filled 100%, ABS, some oozzing on the fan shrouts, the rest is perfect. Print it without any support!
Is there a reason why the clearance (to the heater block) of the right fan differs from the clearance of the left fan? Would be nice in general, if you can make the gap a bit wider for the silicon sock sold by e3d :)
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Reprapsource - Prusa i3 Kit updated version
Thank you so much this helped me a lot on my way building my own ultimaker-like printer
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"Solidworks file on youmagine" ... and where?

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Hi @Rai,

I've printed your holder and changed the axis and everything on my printer to make it work. Unfortunately I have two problems where an answer from you (or someone else) would help me a lot:

1.) The left fan started to melt to the heatblock as it's a little closer than the right one, is this due to a bad heatblock I got or is there something I can do? Also, both fans seem a little high (like 2mm) and seem to cool mostly the heatblock, not the part.

2) You've updated most files here in April 2016 while the ones you uploaded on another Platform (thingiverse) haven't been updated. What was the update?

Thanks a lot!

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You currently have this design under a CC BY-SA license. That license allows others to use the design commercially. This means the Chinese company making them out of Al and selling them is entirely in the right to do so. If you are genuinely not happy about people profiting from your designs you should consider changing the license to something non-commercial. There are non-commercial versions of the CC license, such as the CC BY-NC-SA: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

This is the same license Ultimaker uses for their machine designs: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-original

44b6365ea40e088e01717d44f5ab3bab?default=blank&size=40Rai commented ago


I took out the cad files since someone use to clone it, sell it in chinese store made in aluminium and made business with my free job. So i won't upload cad files any more. Sorry.

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Are the CAD files still available? It says on the Thingiverse page that they are available here, but I can't find them. I'd like to remix this one for the ultimaker 2 (and clones thereof), where the xy rods are reversified. This works as is, but since they changed which axis rods are on top and bottom, the extruder mount sits 90 degrees off of it's intended angle, and the fans get in the way towards the back of the machine.

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Ultimaker - Ultimaker Original
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Why did you rotate the fans from the original design? It means having to adjust the build area, which is a pain.

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If you're using E3D 30mm and 40mm fans, 2.5mm x 18mm plastite screws are working fine to fix them on the 3D printed pieces.

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When I fitted an e3d to an ultimaker I bought and fitted a cheap DC-DC converter for the fans. eg £0.99 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171814039953?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

A233fdbd816804224acb3aba55c6bf69?default=blank&size=40Traroth commented ago

What about the electronic part? How do you mount the new extruder and 3 fans instead of one on an Ultimaker card? I bought 12V fans, is that ok? The regular Ultimaker extruder fan works with 19V.

44b6365ea40e088e01717d44f5ab3bab?default=blank&size=40Rai published this design ago