Flexi Articulated Gecko

Flexi Articulated Gecko


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watch how it is make

Hello guys, please show me your 3d prints. Print the model and than please make a photo and post it under "Post a Make".

This is a articulated, flexi Gecko!
The model is about 80mm.
Do not use support as that could stop the joints printing separately / free.

I hope to see a lot of your Makes!

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Materials and methods

support: no
Layer: 0.15 or 0.20mm
material: PLA
Do not use support as that could stop the joints printing separately / free.



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Printed on:
Creality Ender-3
the result is nice, although the articulated pieces were fused a bit. They losened up with a pit of an effort so all good, probably my settings anyway
thanks for sharing this design, my kids love the gecko
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I work in K-6 education. This print is fantastic for my blind students. Not only do they get a perimeter feel, but they can use their imagination on how an animal of this shape might move. It can stimulate conversation, build vocabulary, or start a narrative.


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