Gyro Air

The gyro designs I saw on the internet were too heavy looking and used a lot of material, so I set out to make one that looked elegant and thin.


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No supporting structure needed.

Creating Gyro Air It had it´s challenges, but after 5 prototypes and a lot of PLA, I arrived at the final model. I don't like supports, so I made every form nice and round.

For better results I recommend printing the Gyro Air at it's original size of 10cms. I have also tested it at 80% and i think it's the limit. Printing it too small will make the circles too thin and it might break.
I printed the final object with a 0.25mm layer size.
Once printed snap the conical nipples into place beginning from the smallest working your way up to the biggest.
You can add a drop of oil to the joints so the spheres rotate freely.



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Printed on:
Anycubic Photon
Looks good
The center cube a tiny bit smaller
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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+
Great Design
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Could I get a step file of the model? Thanks,

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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2 Extended
Printed w PLA, .6 nozzle, 0.2mm layers at 40/hr. Took 10 hours! A fair amount of layering defects but only superficial, structure is all there. Pivot points went together well and each one spins smoothly with some oil, but not freely. Awesome looking print!
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