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Gyro the Dodo - Ultimaker Special

The original dodecahedral sculpture by Virtox / Stijn van der Linden now available for home printing.


Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivatives

Commercial use is not allowed nor can you remix or change this work & you have to attribute the creator.

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The original dodecahedral kinetic sculpture by Virtox / Stijn van der Linden.
Now available for home printing!

Made of five nested dodecahedra, each one is limited to rotate about it's own axis.
A most intriguing and mesmerizing object.

Please respect the Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-commercial, No-derivatices license under which it is published. In simple terms: always show name of work and designer, for personal use only and no commercial use allowed of any kind!
Any digital distribution or publication must contain a copy of the CC license and this description.

Thank you for understanding!

If you'd like to purchase a printed edition, check out my shop:

Materials and methods

Printed on an Ultimaker 3:
Model dimensions: 96.0 x 97.5 x 86.8 mm
Print time: 03d 01h 07m
Amount of material used: PLA Silver Metallic 70g / PVA 190g
Model weight: 59g
Print core temperature: 215 °C
Layer resolution: 100 micron
Print speed: 35 mm/s
Travel speed: 250 mm/s
Infill: 100%
Build plate temperature: 60 °C
Print cores used: AA 0.4 / BB 0.4



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Any luck printing this smaller?

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Printed on:
Ultimaker 3
Maybe improve orientation to save of support material
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Awesome o_O
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Is the infill for the PVA material 100% as well?


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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+
I took the challenge of printing the gyro designed for soluble support with single extrusion, see if I could get a similar result with much less print time than dual extrusion. Printed with complete support interface of line pattern. Took me a couple of hours to clean the supports and broke a few arms that needs glue back together. It rotates smoothly at the end. And the bottom finish is not bad. But still, it's too much work and risk to clean the supports. Not recommended to print with single extrusion.
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Printed on:
Ultimaker 3 Extended
Superb. It took a weekend to print and for the support to dissolve. But the result was excellent.
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Printed on:
ultimaker 3
Perfect - great design, fantastic printer. Ultimaker have really nailed it with PLA/PVA.
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Printed on:
ultimaker 3
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Did you use the "Prime Tower"-Feature of teh UM3 or does it work without ?

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Printed on:
Ultimaker 3
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