Ingentis - A Tantillus Variant

A Great Big version of the awesome Tantillus (by Sublime).

3D printer parts and enhancements


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This is the work in progress 'Ingentis' FDM 3d Printer.The design is a derivative of the Utimaker inspired 'Tantillus' design (by Sublime) and takes inspiration from the T-Slot variant produced by GoopyPlastic.The usable Build volume is around 300mm on X/Y and about 250 on Z in it's current form. Please be aware, the version I am building is currently in it's prototype phase so the files I've posted are subject to changes as the project develops.
An incomplete build guide can be found here:

Links to a video showing the prototype under test:


Materials and methods

A draft BOM with links to the supplier pages that I used is linked to below. Once again this is draft and subject to change.



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would it be possible to reup the BOM?



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