Make: 2015 3D Printer Shoot Out Test Geometries

Make Magazine's third annual 3D Printing Shootout was conducted using these files, designed by Andreas Bastain (, to benchmark performance of desktop 3D printers.


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    These test geometries are designed to evaluate specific performance characteristics and motion systems in common low-cost FDM/FFF machines. Traditionally, layer height has been used as a proxy for resolution or quality, but it is a bit of an oversimplification of what is often termed "print quality". The following test geometries individually probe very specific aspects of 3D printer performance in an effort to develop a parametric and quantitative definition of 3D printer quality. 

     One of the exciting aspects of sharing a standard set of test geometries is that everybody can share their results and learn from this pool of results.  Please post images of individual test geometries printed on your machines using the "I Made One" feature and include your *slicer, layer height, shells, temperature, and print time.

     Additionally, the test geometries were modeled in Fusion 360 and are designed to be easily modified easily using a small set of control parameters. Source files (.f3d) can be found in the zipped "" folder.

    Here's how to evaluate and score these test prints:


    1. Dimensional Accuracy

    2. Bridging Performance

    3. Overhang Performance

    4. Negative Space Tolerance

    5. Fine Positive Features Performance

    6. XY Resonance

    7. Z Resonance



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    Here's how to evaluate and score these test prints → «This site is marked private by its owner.»

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    Carousel thumb dsc09898
    Printed on:
    Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
    That was fine, to behinest I didn't expect ood shape for first print but that was fine. I tried twice and for second try I rotate the bridge. But the the shape of Brise wasn't nice like the orinal possition.
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    Has anyone setup a form to allow data evaluation/comparison?

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    Carousel thumb retract3 blobs fine feature test
    Printed on:
    Ultimaker Original+
    The stringing was not bad, but I am getting blobs (at retraction points) anyone else seeing this?
    OK I was able to greatly reduce the stringing by setting Minimal extrusion before retracting = 0 These pictures show the blobs I think are due to retractions, current settings: FINE FEATURES TEST PRINT layer height 0.2mm shell 0.8mm fill 20% print speed 50mm/s temp 200 retract speed 35mm/s retract distance 5.5mm travel speed 250mm/s retract-Minimal travel 1.5mm retract-enable comb=off retract-minimal extrusion before retracting 0mm retract-zhop 0mm
    6f3142618c76cdca63a7216b90dff423?default=blank&size=40Greg42 commented ago

    For the accuracy/backlash test, I suggest that people report the measured length of the diameter in the X direction and the Y direction so that there will be a clear picture of where different people's results differ.

    Please remember to list:1. Filament source2. Print time since slower printing may increase the quality of a print3. Software settings used such as layer height, nozzle temperature and quality mode.

    Mini make logo2Make Magazine published this design ago