Mount Makergeeks/Makerbot Mk9 on Prusa i3

This is a mount to put a Makergeeks dual direct drive extruder on a Prusa i3. I believe that this extruder is a pretty much exact clone of the Makerbot mk9

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Print the object. Use screws to secure to the X carriage.

You will have to rotate the motors so that the wires exit the side of the motor (to the outside on both sides) instead of the top as shipped.  This is straightforward, just remove the fans screws, release the pressure on the spring, remove the tension pivot, then remove the remaining screw.  Rotate the motor and reassemble. Repeat for 2nd motor.

Now put the extruder into the mount.  Use threaded rod cut to appropriate length to secure both mount caps onto the motors, and clamp down tight.

Materials and methods

- Makergeeks mk9+ or equivalent
- this printed object
- #6 threaded rod, washers and nuts to secure the motors into the mount
- #6 or M3 screws and nuts to secure mount to i3 X carriage



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