Nema 14 Geared Extruder Rev 1.2

This is a rework of the Nema14 geared extruder,

3D printer parts and enhancements

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This is an reworked design of our Nema14 geared extruder from Thingiverse (

* All drawings reworked (removed all “reprap” sources so 100% free of other licenses)

* Gear Ratio is now 10:45 instead of 10:43 (gears are not compatible with rev 1.0)

* Idlerscrew nut is now inside the body

* Spring screws dosnt require the nutholder anymore, easier opening

* additional setscrew at the Stepperarm for future dev. (cable/fanholder)

* minor changes

All parts testprinted with a 0,4mm nozzle.

This Extruder uses the same Inserts as the Nano Extruder (except of the
bowden inset which is not available) Groovemount should work without an adapter and the brass insert for 1,75mm

Altough the Body is capable of using 3mm filament, its only designed to
work with 1,75mm+brass insert ! (for flexible materials)

If you try it anyway with 3mm and it will run don`t hesitate to make a comment to it.

Beware , there are two versions, one with 40mm Mounting holes and one with 50mm !

Running on the right setup its possible to print with up to 400mm/s!


Materials and methods

Bolt bearing: 2x128 ZZ 8x12x3,5mm,
Idler bearing: 1x 624ZZ,
Nema 14 Stepper, as strong as possible (teste with 1,8kg Stepper),
2x M3x40 screw,
3xM3x20 screw,
3x M3x8 screw,
6x M3 nut,
1x M3 wormscrew max 4mm
M3 washer
2x M4 Nylock nut,
2x spring for Idler (or cut one into half)
brass d=2,4 D= 3mm, l ~ 20mm for the insert to the bolt, with this its also possible to print flex materials.
If you use a normal 8mm hobbed bolt, you have to add the cone spacers, if you can make your own hobbed bold ensure that the teeth are on the right position.



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Mini ataraxis glow bigataraxis commented ago

Sers Chri! Hat sich dein Design denn bewährt? Falls nein, wo gibt's Probleme?

Und könntest du die Quelldateien sharen? Ich würde gerne folgende Dinge anpassen:

- NEMA 17

- 5mm Schlossschraube mit Endgewinde für das MK8

- 2.85mm Filament

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Mini quintqboney commented ago

Nice Job! I'm working on something similar for Nema14, but moving away from the hobbed bolt.

Keep up the excellent work.

Mini bwChri published this design ago