NEMA17 stepper motor mount holder, FreeCAD-parametric

With FreeCAD, you can change this stepper motor mounter as you like.



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I designed it for my DIY 3D Printer project. Enjoy!

nema17param.FCStd is FreeCAD sourse. SHA 256 checksum:
b42b007f9a17d0b99fa42b244ce4feace04e35770caa8a4032f3b37cce8e85b2 nema17param.FCStd
b8b3b308b632b25701db3407174df689a11967ae81899d7f4906ba6897e55f3e nema17param3020.stl
7a991b8c178471431e5ba510465ea0513af0e31f39997b770c1ed7a315efaf14 nema17param2020.stl

Materials and methods

Material: PLA
Layer Height: 0.2
Wall Thickness: 1.76
Top/Bottom Thickness: 1.6
Infill Density: 20%



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Mini hanat-nissie published this design ago