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Prusa 3 Vanilla with 28cm Lead Screw Stepper

Convert a Prusa 3 Vanilla to use Pololu lead screw stepper z axis.

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Prusa 3 Vanilla with 28cm Lead Screw Stepper ( Pololu part 2268 )

First off, design of the original parts is from Josef Prusa. https://github.com/josefprusa/Prusa3-vanilla

I am publishing just the STL files as I think this is sufficient. I will offer the scad if anyone ever asks for them.

I am currently using this on my printer and it works for me. I can not say this is a great upgrade. It's a incremental improvement. It offers faster z movement and a more rigid z/x system. It looks cool.

It was a large effort to install and it will get misaligned if the head hits the platen when homing. I plan on wiring a second z stop switch (one for each motor) to get both sides at end when homing. It's a primitive solution as the other motor will be stalled until they both hit end; however the design limits racking to ~1.5mm so it will not overheat in the 40 steps or less this will take. Overall I fuss with calibrating these just as much as with the original threaded rods.

The linear rods for the z axis will extend above the top by some 37mm or so.

I had some concerns these could jam as these shafts are part of the motor and therefore lack the flex offered by couplers. This is not a problem. The shafts are Tr8×8(P2) lead-screws and when used with the included traveling nut they allow for angular deflection with minimal effect on positioning.

Materials and methods

- https://github.com/josefprusa/Prusa3-vanilla
Should use the parts you have for your Prusa 3 Vanilla plus the following.
- Pololu 28cm lead screw stepper (item 2268) x2 https://www.pololu.com/product/2268
- 8 m3 x10mm socket head bolts
- whatever wiring you need to wire those steppers up
- It requires 16x micro stepping IMO.
- compulsive 3d printer upgrade syndrome



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