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Prusa i3 X Endstop holder with gap (small)

Endstop holder for Prusa i3 for small endstops and a gap for fitting the wires

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Prusa i3 X endstop holder redisigned for a smaller mechanical endstop (12.75x5,75 mm). It counts with a gap that makes possible to fit the cables inside without unplugging the endstop from the electronics board. Now there is more space between the holder and the belt than the original

Based on grkonrad's design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:158434/#files

Materials and methods

Printed with ABS



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Mini chris avatarsbo commented ago

Sorry for the late answer

These endstops came with my printer bundle from a spanish store (http://www.3despana.com/finales-de-carrera/309-final-de-carrera-mecanico-simpre.html)

I'm sure you can find some of the same size on ebay or other chinese buyers

7dd5d8d7c7819e7934c0b187822aaa77?default=blank&size=40Erik Cramer commented ago

Where did you get the mini endstop from ?

Mini chris avatarsbo published this design ago