Radiant Chime (Christmas ornament)

A bell ornament with modular decorative elements that don’t require supports or glue.

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Hark! how the prints

Sweet 3D prints

All seem to say

“Bells print away”

Christmas is here!

Very, very, very, very radiant

Very, very, very, very radiant

The bell is covered in a glitchy geometric pattern with a Christmas-y feel, resulting from a noise function. It is designed for vase mode printing, ensuring a perfect surface finish. In order to print this clearly-defined pattern in vase mode, we must use a low layer height and a wider than usual line (but easily printable with a 0.4 mm nozzle). Combined with a low printing speed, these settings will really bring out the details.

All components print without supports in their default orientations. There is a little bridging in the rope and ribbon units, which is easily handled by your printer. No infill is required for the rope, holly, and ribbon units.

The parts are designed to hold together without glue. To assemble the ornament:

1. Screw the connector on the ribbon unit

2. Place the holly leaves in the corresponding socket of the rope unit

3. Screw the above assemblies together

4. Screw the assembled top and the bell together

A bell printed in a white filament, will make a great festive diffuser for your LED tealights.

Materials and methods


Print instructions:

Prints in vase mode with the following settings:
- Layer height: 0.1 mm
- Line width: at least 0.55 mm (this is doable with a 0.4 mm nozzle without any further adjustments to your print settings)
- Bottom layers: 0
- Brim

Rope and Holly Leaf units:
- Layer height: 0.2 mm
- Infill: 0%
- Perimeters/walls: 2
If using PrusaSlicer, disable “Ensure vertical shell thickness” under Print Settings > Quality. This setting is visible in Advanced and Expert modes.

Ribbon unit:
- Layer height: 0.15 mm or lower
- Infill: 0%
- Perimeters/walls: 2

The connector prints at 0.2 mm layer height. Use enough perimeters/infill to make it sturdy if you intend to disassemble the ornament.



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