Random vase - Hex

A polygonal vase


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I can't believe I haven't yet done one of these with a hexagonal base. :) So here it is. Filled and 3mm walled version included.

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(Haven't had time to print one out yet unfortunately, 'cause I'm rebuilding my printer.)



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Custom Delta
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Perfect result. Perfect model. Printed in PLA at 150% scale with 0.2mm layerheight.
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Ultimaker 2 Extended
Awesome! Single .6mm wall PLA
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Very good!
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Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Excellent result, nice print! There is a small line on the top, think the printerhead has moved a bit.
Very nice vase with the correct measurements. I've scalled it to the Max in Cura for the UM2.
Mini 1910230 10151075759956464 126298236 nJosh Stewart printed this ago
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Printrbot - Simple Metal
Printed great even when scaled down to 100mm height. Watertight!
Mini photo 2Michael New printed this ago
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Prusa i3
This was the first real print I did on my printer beyond some test cubes, and it came out great!
I printed the 3mm wall version at .2mm layer height in PLA. It took about 5 hours and never really had any issues. I left water in it overnight and the base was just slightly wet in the morning, so I think you could get it watertight without much effort. It's serving as a pen holder on my desk now :)
Mini photoHrvoje Cop published this design ago