Recreus Sandals

Print your sandals and hit the summer time with recreus elastic filament Filaflex.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Hello !!

A few months ago we released our 3D printed sneakers II,  the concept was extremely successful  we get a lot of interest and a significant volume of feedback and comments from people all over the world. Thank you guys!!!

We batted around a few ideas, and one of those was design something more femenine, more wearable design, more summery….

I thought it´s time to start this new 3D print revolution presented new ideas and showed people that we can all become a part of this.

We’ve been in few 3D fairs, shows, 3D printed parties and I was pleasantly surprised how many women ask how to print our 3D sandals, how to make a new designs or how to work with Filaflex.

All this made me think how incredible this is! you can imagine, create and have it! Just you and your IDEAS!


PRINT SPEED: 50 mm/s



TEMP: 235ºC


Scale up or down to get your size.
Shoes Size chart:


PRINT SPEED: 50 mm/s 



TEMP: 235ºC 

-Scale up or down the large size to get your size. 
Large size: 
       MM      EU UK USA 
286,38 mm 43 8.5 9.5 
279,72 mm 42 8 9 
269,73 mm 41 7.5 8.5 
266,40 mm 40 6.5 7.5 
259.74 mm 39 6 7 
253.08 mm 38 5 6 
246,42 mm 37 4 5 
239,76 mm 36 3.5 4.5

Thanks you everyone!!

Let´s print everything


Materials and methods

500gr spool of blue Filaflex



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