Recreus Sneakers II

Here I show one of thousand possibilities of filaflex "make you own sneakers". It has been created with a prusa I3 mod (SNEAKERBOT) with a large working space (Y axis) and glass bed without heated bed, filaflex doesn´t need it.


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The new sneakers by Recreus printed in FFX 1.75mm.
During months we have investigated and work hard to develop the 1.75 mm filaflex format. Sneakerbots are the actual proof that shows filaflex works becoming in the most elastic filament on the market.

The sneakerbots by Ignacio Garcia are inspered by 80s films such us back to the future, starwars, short circuit etc.

Should be noted that the new design is more comfortables than first one. You can vary the softness changing the percentage of infill. The tongue makes that laces don´t hurt foot.

Hope you print them, wear them and be the coolest maker in your city!!

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Mini japan98 039Chumsize commented ago

What size would this be (shoe size) printed at 100%. I'm a 10.5 US / 44 European

E0b112aea019037d86f9db40abed7817?default=blank&size=40PraneilCAD commented ago

What I mean is that the surface is rough on the inside.

Mini recreuslogoRecreus3D commented ago


Hurts? what infill did you use? we use dremmel and some heat (hairdryer) to smooth the surface

E0b112aea019037d86f9db40abed7817?default=blank&size=40PraneilCAD commented ago


The inside of the shoe is a bit rough and hurts the feet. How did you get around this problem?

Thank you.

Mini recreuslogoRecreus3D published this design ago