Reptar XY! - Version Two

A simple, lightweight, easy to use, XY block

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XY blocks with integrated belt tensioners are cool. But after designing several of them and using them for months, I've come to the conclusion that they are actually an unnecessary convergence of features and a general pain to use. Rarely (*aka - never*) do I want to simultaneously tighten my belts, adjust my 6mm rods, and adjust my 8mm bushings... so having all of those features in the same part makes each one of those operations far more complicated than it needs to be.  
**Knowing that now,  I present the Reptar XY - *Version Two:*** a simple, lightweight, *easy to use* XY block. The 6mm rods snap in and are secured by 3 #2 x 0.5in plastite screws.  
Belt tensioning is achieved by using any of the external belt tensioners... or... even better... by switching to 303 tooth GT2 belts and doing away with belt tensioners entirely. The belt length on those is perfect without any additional tensioners, and has lasted 1000+print hours without needing adjustment.   
Belt indexing is easily achieved by marking the edges of the belt with white paint after assembly - meaning with these blocks, you will never have to adjust your pulleys again!



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915cad8e97fddc508157e276394e2568?default=blank&size=40michaelnoardo commented ago

HI Man, I really loved the concept and I want to use it in my own DIY printer, can you share more photos from the whole project? Do you have videos?

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Same question as Lyle LeBlanc ... where are the limit switch addons? Dd you forgot to include them? How did you solve it?

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Hey! Thanks for the design! I've successfully printed and installed them only to realize I've completely forgotten about the limit switches. I see in one of the pictures that there's something that attaches to the back, but I cant seem to find the files anywhere. Before I go ahead and make something crude and utilitarian I was wondering if you actually already have a file for these? I tried to use the ones from your first version but there wasn't enough space between the frame of the machine and the xy block on the front of the machine to make it work. It is quite possible I'm doing something wrong though. Thoughts?


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Plastite screws are designed for plastics. They are cutting their threads themself. I guess normal ones will do it.

Mini dandylion2Paul commented ago

What are plastite screws? Can you use normal screws instead. We don't have such a thing in the UK, I think the imperial dimensions don't help

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Mini chrischris kearsley printed this ago
Carousel thumb 20150510 161045
Printed on:
prusa i3
mixed the main bodies came out brilliant but the clasp parts had to have support because the way i had to ave the part make sure the belt teeth was printed ok
Printed with Cura 35 mm/s 25% infill 0.3 layer height
2c881c106a4908a21ae5a5949b33efee?default=blank&size=40Raptor4 commented ago

Hi nhfoley!

Please upload an STEP file of Reptar XY-Version two! 

Would gladly use this blocks for my printer, but need it for 8mm gantry!

Hope, You can do it as soon as possible!

Thank You in advance!


2c881c106a4908a21ae5a5949b33efee?default=blank&size=40Raptor4 commented ago

Hi nhfoley!

Please upload an STEP file of Reptar XY-Version two! 

Would gladly use this blocks for my printer, but need it for 8mm gantry!

Hope, You can do it as soon as possible!

Thank You in advance!


4cde81b945234c97ea988dfb081ed3c0?default=blank&size=40Pierrick commented ago

I would like to create the same piece but for 15mm ball bearing. Could you tune you design or send my your CAD files?

Mini dsc06896 1nhfoley published this design ago