Russian tank T-90

Russian tank T-90 "Vladimir" (R/C)



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As a basis the model by Sergey Syuvaev that ranked the second in MASTER 3D contest, Topki, Kemerovskaya region, "Assemblable tank model T-90 at a scale of 1 in 16" project was taken. ( ). It was improved and adapted for 3d printer.
Tank assembling and test drive description

Update 1: Added new version (1.1) and Assembly guide

Materials and methods

Attention: some parts of the model should be manually adjusted!
All rollers are springed and jockey rollers run properly. Each (12) roller has two bearings 5*13*4 mm (695ZZ ABEC-5), each top roller (6) has two bearings 3x6x2,5 mm (-2RS), each support beam(balancer) has two bearings 4x9x4mm (685ZZ ABEC-5), each drive roller (2) has two bearings 5*13*4 mm(695ZZ ABEC-5), each jockey roller (2) has two bearings 5*13*4 mm(695ZZ ABEC-5).
I used springs of old umbrella for each support beam. Any other can be used if they have proper tension.
Attention: all rollers are preferably to be printed putting them down so printer threads go along the roller thus its torsional strength will be much higher.
The control panel HENGLONG (1:16 RC tank spare parts No. 2.4G transmitter / controller / receiver / lines-5.2 version) is used to control the tank. There are other HENGLONG units used in tank:
- smoke supply unit
- ball firing unit
- steering system
- power unit
- gun angle alreation unit


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    Assembly Guide
    PDF  –  2.4 mb
    Version 1 - Jan 13, 2019
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    Russian Tank T90 V 1.1
    ZIP  –  9.3 mb
    Version 1 - Jan 13, 2019


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External caps glued to rollers or to shaft?

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Internal roller caps (side end) are glued to the rollers very tightly. External ones are glued using rubber glue so if the roller requires repair it can be easily detached.

Top roller and idler axes are glued to the hull. The bearing is inserted into top roller, then roller is put on the shaft and then the external cap is glued

Road wheel is glued to the support beam. That is the roller axis is put into the installed roller bearings (one bearing for each roller end)

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Assembly guide shows idler fastener glued. To what?

How are external idler cap and top roller cap attached?

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