Scalable Harry Potter Glasses (with hinges)

This is a derivative of Thing 94441 by sivar2311 that I made scalable in OpenSCAD, added tabs so that the hinges wouldn't open past 90 degrees and made scalable hinge pin holes for either 3 mm or 1.75 mm filament.


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I found the HP glasses (Thing 94441) to be sized for very small children and inconvenient to wear since the hinges could open past 90 degrees.  I used OpenSCAD to import and scale the design, added tabs to limit the hinges to 90 degrees and made the scale and the size of the hinge pins parametric.

Use a short piece of filament for the hinge pins and you can "rivet" the ends of the hinge pins by melting them a bit against the side of your nozzle.

I've found 1.25x to be the appropriate scale for most adults and 1.15x to be about right for children 8-12 yrs old.

If you want to modify/customise the OpenSCAD file, download and save the HPV2_fixed.stl file to the same folder so that OpenSCAD can import it correctly.



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