Silicone 3D Printing Process

The results of my idea for the Develop a New 3D Printing Technology Challenge.


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This will be the page dedicated to the results of the idea that won the Develop a New 3D Printing Technology Challenge. To reflect on my original idea, I excluded the extra z-rails and the heated chamber, as the HBP works fine and the Ultimaker Original+ is very solidly built to begin with. I changed my idea of how the distributor for one part of the mixture would work from being a moving dispenser to being a peristaltic pump. I did stick with the idea for the paste extruder for the other part of the mixture.

Many of the parts for the paste extruder are fully 3D printable and attach directly to the printhead. Besides this, there are the electronics/pump, the basin, and some changes in the software.

Paste Extruder:

Once all the parts are printed the syringe can be inserted into the sleeve and the cap put on top. Then it can be screwed on along with the restraint. The bowden tube is then connected in and the filament directed to the syringe cap.
Electronics and Pump
The 12v power supply is then hooked up to a switch. If you'd like to automatically control it you could use a motor driver and an Arduino.
Cut a small plastic container and secure it to the build plate. Drill a hole in it so that one tube of the peristaltic pump can lead into it. Secure it to the build plate with the GE silicone.
Software Changes


Layer Height: 1.8

Nozzle Size: 2.4

Retraction: Off

Cool Layer Time: 60

Speed: 30

Printing Temperature: 20

Cool Lift Head: On

Use the following as the start.gcode:





G28 X0 Y0

G28 Z0

G1 Z90.0 F{travel_speed}

G0 X110 Y100

G1 F{travel_speed}

M117 Printing...

As can be seen in the pictures, I was able to print something: a blob. Despite this, the silicone was deposited by the 3D printer and it did cure. There are a few obvious improvements that could be made:
-Better way of dispensing one part of the mixture (as opposed to the peristaltic pump that I used)-More refined syringe extruder
As I said, there's a lot of room for this project to grow. I'm very grateful to have to chance to turn this idea into (somewhat of) a reality!

Materials and methods

-Ultimaker Original+
-12v power supply
-1A:1B silicone (Best if it has a fast cure time)
-Square plastic container
-GE all-purpose silicone (this isn't for printing with)



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