Smart One Handed Bottle Opener

Open your bottles now easily and one handed! Super easy to print! This opener is the coolest ever seen ;)

For your home

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>>> GrOpener is the creation of Mark Manger, an Applied Artist from Denver, Colorado. Inspired by the stick & screw openers Mark encountered in Africa in the 1990′s, the GrOpener uses the same leverage principle, but in a form that allows a bottle to be opened through the act of grabbing it.  <<<  

Project video in Finnish (UPDATE: ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE) (v.3.1): WITH SUPPORT MATERIAL (there is a little overhang!)

My first ever 3D creation!
Versio 4 (updated 23.6.14):
Now there is 4 different editions:
- Edition one: Basic OHBO
- Edition two: OHBO with magnet.
- Edition three: OHBO with a coin.
- Edition four: OHBO with magnet and a coin.
BTW: Other side (tail) of OHBO is meant to opening cans! (You can stick it under the clip)

Magnets from (here is a link:  

Coin is a basic 1cent euro coin.

You will also need some super glue if printing a Edition 2,3 or 4.

All editions are right scaled and tested. I recommend to print with 100% infill (layer height 0.2mm). My prints are PLA plastic but I think that ABS is even better because it is harder and stronger! I hope you to make one! I like to see how is your own bottle opener like!


Materials and methods

- Hard plastic printed with 100% infill (I use PLA but ABS can be even better)
- OPTIONAL to make OHBO better:
- (magnets from, link in description)
- (1 cent euro coin)
- (super glue)
- (key chain circle and some chain)


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