Single Dual or Triple E3Dv6 bowden and sensor mount for the Prusa i3 Rework

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Supermount is a super practical super customizable bowden mount for E3Dv6 and similar groove mount hotends and standard capacitive sensors, compatible to the Prusa i3 Einstein Rework's X carriage. It's written in OpenSCAD and comes in a single, dual and triple extruder version, more version will be added in the future. Supermount is designed to print without support material, however, the design contains some printing helpers like solid layers underneath holes and support walls, that can be easily removed and perform well on almost any printer.

Materials and methods


2-6 pcs. M3x20mm screws and nuts for the mounting bracket

1-3 pcs. E3Dv6 Hotends

1 pcs. capacitive sensor, ΓΈ 18mm, i.e. LJC18A3-H-Z/BX


1 pcs. box cutter for carefully (!) removing the support walls from the mounting brackets



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I like this idea very much. I'm slowly moving towards getting another E3Dv6, buying one extra piece every time I order things from them.

Soon I will eventually make the plunge and base my setup around this mount.

The only thing I don't really like is the end stop "arm", but I'll just remove that if I find it too annoying.

Expect build pictures soon...ish.

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