Toothbrush and Toothpaste holder

Simple holder for 4 toothbrushes and a toothpaste tube.

For your home

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Quick and simple design for a toothbrush holder.

I attached it to the inside of our bathroomcloset with some double sided tape.

I've also put up a version with 4mm holes for if you want to use screws.

If you want to edit this design, i've also uploaded an .ipt so you can edit it in Inventor 2014 or newer.



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Mini simbolo logo3dsolid 90 80pxFerGazz commented ago

Sure! Next week I supose that photos will be done... let me know to what e-mail should I send it. Youmagine don`t have private messages as I know. I Tryed to send a report without sucess. Cheers!

Mini dsc 01Timo commented ago

Hello FerGazz,

Please go ahead and post the pictures!:)

If you could send me a link to your site and the pictures, that would be great!

Mini simbolo logo3dsolid 90 80pxFerGazz commented ago

Hi Timo, would like to know if I can took some photos of this model (printed) and insert in my website, not to sell, just for parameter for my print-on-demand service.

I will insert your design credit if you agree. I`m actually printed this model with 0.25mm resolution... works well! thanks for sharing :)

Mini dsc 01Timo published this design ago