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Tiny corexy 3d printer

3D printer parts and enhancements


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                    <div>This printer special features are:<br>Belts are two planes (corexy)<br><div><div><div><p>

    External dimensions: 297x302x311

    Printing area: x-120; y-150; z-100

    Materials and methods

    Linear bearing: LM8UU 11pcs
    Bearings for belt: flanged (F623ZZ) 3x10x4 24pcs
    8mm rod 2x230; 4x245
    2,2m GT2 belt
    MK 7 driver gear pulley 1,75mm
    Some M3 polts 30-40mm

    4 stepper motor 40mm
    Hotend 1
    30x30x10 fan 1
    50x50x10 fan 1 for electronics
    3x endstop
    Controller(ramps1.4; sanguinololu)



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    Great design! How difficult would it be to increase the Z axis dimension?

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