Ukulele bass

This is a contra bass guitar ukulele size!


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Thank to Kala for inventing the ubass, To John Godtfredsen for encouragements as well as Rene Andersen from 4sound Odense


Ukulele Bass

This bass is inspired by the Kala Ubass. It is almost fully printable, except for "serious" mechanics, I wanted to be able to do a real setup with correct intonation, therefor this design uses a Fender style bridge. The strings are ThunderGut standard strings. As seen on pictures there is a hole in the bottom intended to be used with a Fishmann Presys Blend pickup system.
Listen to it hear

Materials and methods

Everything is printed using pla. Neck and head is printed with 70% infill. Layerheight at 0.35 using 0.8 nozzle. Nut is printed at 90% infill layerheight 0.15 with 0.4 nozzle.
No support is needed



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