Ultimaker 2 Coolboard Duct for Control Board Cooling

This is a simple and straight forward duct to aid in the cooling of the control board under the Ultimaker 2.

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Designed for use with a 50mmx15mm blower
fan. This duct covers all of the front area of the sheetmetal
ventilation holes that cover the board and lines up with all of the OEM
mounting holes provided, no drilling required.

This cooler is a work in progress and is meant to use a 24V blower
fan connecting to the J20 Jack ( Marked: Fan 19-24v ) port on the UM2's
control board. I will update this design once some additional testing has
been accomplished.

Materials and methods

- (1) 50mmx15mm blower fan.
- (2) #6-32 Button Head Screws with nuts or (2) 35mm M3 Screws using original lock nuts
- (1) 25mm M3 Screw with nuts for fastening the blower fan to the bottom of your UM2



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PLEASE READ THIS, its important!

There are a few things i wish were added to this, to make it more clear, so i will add them so it helps others.

1) All the pictures uploaded, do not show where the fan wires specifically go to, in fact most pictures make it seem the wires go to the front control panel (with the knob)...well just so you know, they dont. They are supposed to go to the motherboard , but in the picture they don't appear to go there.

2) You can connect this without removing the motherboard its the plug marked on the bottom of the board named "fan ". Or if you want a more accurate name its the J20 plug on the Utimaker motherboard, if you want to google it.

3) This is a big one. Make sure the fans red wire goes to the + plug and the black wire goes to the negative plug. I know this sounds like common sense but my utimaker 2 plug was opposite what the plug was, so i was forced to cut the fan wires and reverse them. If this is wrong all you will do is cook your fan.(glad i bought 2 because i cooked my first fan)

4) when you power up the utimaker this fan should come on and stay on at all times. So test that it working before fulling installing it...If its not turning on right away something is wrong shut it down right away and check #3 closely. You may have to remove your board because the + and neg are marked on the TOP of the board. Good luck i went through pain figuring this all out .. i hope you read this and check ahead of time.

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76652674c3ddbb662044858c1baa3c79?default=blank&size=40dintid printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 0829
Printed on:
ultimaker 2+
Mostly great. Love how you used existing screws. :-) I printed it with very thick layers 2 borders and 10% infill. Meant the printed "strut" going into the fan wasn't very good. I drilled a hole and used a screw instead.
Make an option to use a screw instead of printed "strut" as it would print much faster. Need to enlarge the "bar" holding the strut though.
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Mini profileChristopher Bray commented ago

Thanks. Is there any chance you have a STEP file for the blower fan? Just curious.

Mini nbkj7nefErick commented ago

J20 is always on, from what I remember the only pwm's are for the cooling fans and hot end. There may be a method of turning j20 on/off but I haven't looked into it any further, I can't hear the fan at all.

Mini profileChristopher Bray commented ago

So, does the fan run all the time or is there some G-Code needed to turn it on and off?

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C810b463009f2662b7b08746377a60e3?default=blank&size=40Oceanic commented ago

Thanks again, that's exact what i'm looking for. I have applied heatsinks already, but i want a litlle bit extra cooling.

Fan ordered.


Mini nbkj7nefErick commented ago

Blame auto-correct for any goofy looking typo's in that last response, LOL.

Mini nbkj7nefErick commented ago

No problem. The fan doesn't add any noise at all from what I could tell, I sat infront of it for an hour during a print with no increase in noise. It may not be pushing as much air as a louder higher rpm fan might, but it's certainly better than what cooling the bird comes with. I started noticing browning around the solders for the xyz drive connections indicating some overheating. So is like anything that can help keep temps down during long prints. Enjoy :)

  • Erick

C810b463009f2662b7b08746377a60e3?default=blank&size=40Oceanic commented ago

Thanks a lot! With your description i've found the cooler on the german amazon and ebay site. Is the fan noisy?

Mini nbkj7nefErick commented ago

Here you go, this is the fan I'm using:

2 Pin Connector Brushless DC 24V 0.15A Turbo Blower Cooling Fan


  • Erick

C810b463009f2662b7b08746377a60e3?default=blank&size=40Oceanic commented ago


do you have a link for the fan? I only find fans in the right size for 12v or 5v.



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