Ultimaker 2 Source files

Ultimaker 2 open source design files and documentation, including the Bill of Materials, the 3D files and documentation for each part.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Open source files: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2
Firmware: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin

At March 28th, Ultimaker released the Ultimaker 2 source files to the world, as promised when the 3D printer was introduced 6 months earlier. From day one, we have been recognized for our open source culture and we feel that open source brings the field of 3D printing to a higher level. It is our firm belief that sharing knowledge does not mean losing knowledge. On the contrary, we learn from each other, inspire each other and use each other’s knowledge to create even better products and develop impressive innovations world-wide.

We are excited to see what kind of ideas, innovations, improvements and products this will lead to. We will continue to share our knowledge and experience and look forward to achieving many remarkable 3D printing goals together. Or in the words of Martijn Elserman, co-founder of Ultimaker: “Since its introduction, the Ultimaker 2 received a very positive response and its demand has been beyond expectation. This strengthens our confidence in our philosophy to innovate and improve together with the worldwide community of 3D printer enthousiasts."

For more information about the Ultimaker 2, see: https://www.ultimaker.com

Materials and methods

Right now all of the files can be found on Github: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2

The Bill of Materials is found in the file that is found under "Documents".

Part number _ _ | Name | Quantity
1011-A2P-A|Y-linear shaft|2
1012-A2P-A|X-linear shaft|2
1021-Z1P-A|Ball Bearing 688-2RS|1
1024-Z2P-C|Limit Switch, Black Short Wire|1
1056-A2P-A|Sintered Bushing|4
1065-Z1P-B|Linear Bearing LM6LUU|2
1069-Z1P-A|Tube Coupling Collet|2
1071-Z2P-A|Clamp Clip|2
1074-Z2P-A|Print Head Thumb screw|4
1091-B2P-C|Main board v2.1.1|1
1140-Z1P-A|Feeder Spring DR2110|1
1144-Z1P-A|USB Cable|1
1152-Z1P-B|Table Spring D2150|3
1153-B2P-B|Print Table Base Plate|1
1154-B2P-A|Print Table Glass|1
1155-B2P-A|Print Table Heated Bed|1
1156-B2P-A|Z-shaft Cap Bottom|2
1157-B2P-A|Print Table Back Cover|1
1158-B2P-A|Reel Holder|1
1159-B2P-B|Z-Motor with Trapezoidal Lead Srew|1
1161-B2P-D|LED Strip Cold white|1
1162-B2P-B|Limit Switch, Blue Wire|1
1163-B2P-B|Limit Switch, Red Wire|1
1165-B2P-A|Timing Pulley 5mm Shaft GT2|2
1166-B2P-B|Timing Pulley 8mm Shaft GT2|8
1167-B2P-A|Timing Pulley Double 8mm Shaft GT2|1
1168-B2P-B|Sliding Block Spring|4
1169-B2P-B|Z-linear Shaft 2
1170-B2P-B|Square Flanged Linear Bearing LMK12LUU|2
1171-B2P-B|Double flat Cable 10 Wire|1
1172-B2P-A|Print Head Shaft X|1
1173-B2P-A|Print Head Shaft Y|1
1176-B2P-A|Spacer 8.2x10x5|2
1177-B2P-A|Spacer 8.2x10x10|5
1178-B2P-A|Spacer 8.2x10x25|1
1179-B2P-A|Feeder Motor|1
1182-B2P-A|X,Y Motor|2
1183-B2P-B|Heated Bed Cable|1
1185-B2P-A|PT100 B sensor|1
1186-B2P-A|Print Head Cable|1
1187-B2P-A|Trapezoidal Lead Nut|1
1188-Z1P-A|Timing Belt GT2 200|2
1189-Z1P-A|Timing Belt GT2 610|4
1200-Z1P-A|ISO 7380 M3x8|10
1201-Z1P-B|Washer Large M3|12
1202-Z1P-B|ISO 7380 M3x10|15
1203-Z1P-B|ISO 7380 M3x12|10
1204-Z1P-B|ISO 7380 M3x16|41
1206-Z1P-B|ISO 7380 M3x20|5
1207-Z1P-B|ISO 7380 M3x25|12
1208-Z1P-B|ISO 7380 M3x30|4
1209-Z1P-B|Nut M3|1
1211-Z1P-A|Set Screw M4x4|12
1212-Z1P-A|Set Screw M3x3|1
1213-Z1P-A|DIN 962 Square Nut M3 A2|37
1214-Z1P-A|ISO 7040 Nut M3 Prev. torque A2|15
1215-Z1P-A|ISO 10642 M3x8 A2|4
1216-Z1P-A|ISO 10642 M3x20 A2|3
1217-Z1P-A|ISO 10642 M4x10 A2|8
1220-Z1P-A|Ball Bearing F688-2RS|8
1226-Z1P-A|Grease for Z screw|1
1228-Z1P-A|Pritt 11230 B2P A Front Panel UM2|1
1231-B2P-A|Back Panel UM2|1
1232-B2P-A|Left Panel UM2|1
1233-B2P-A|Right Panel UM2|1
1234-B2P-A|Bottom Panel UM2|1
1235-B2P-A|Top Panel UM2|1
1238-A1P-A|Power Adapter 24v-220W|1
1240-B2P-A|Main Board Electronics Cover|1
1241-B2P-A|Motor Spacer UM2|2
1242-B2P-A|Spacer 3.2 x 6x 10|4
1243-B2P-A|Heated Bed Cable Clip|1
1244-B2P-A|Knob Front UM2|1
1245-B2P-A|Knob Housing UM2|1
1247-B2P-A|OLED Display UM2|1
1248-Z1P-A|SD card|1
1249-B2P-A|Ulticontroller Board|1
1251-B2P-A|Ulticontroller Electronics Cover|1
1254-B2P-A|Print Table Mounting Aid|3
1255-B2P-A|Sliding Block Half UM2|8
1256-B2P-A|Build Platform Glass Retainer Back|4
1257-B2P-A|Knurled Nut Platform|3
1258-B2P-A|Feeder Part A|1
1259-B2P-A|Feeder Part B|1
1260-B2P-A|Feeder Lever A|1
1261-B2P-A|Feeder Lever B|1
1263-B2P-A|Feeder Knurled Wheel|1
1264-B2P-A|Feeder Nut Holder|1
1266-Z2P-A|Bowden tube 11268 Z1P A Heater Cartridge 24V 25W|1
1269-Z1P-A|Power Cable EU Type C13
1270-Z1P-A|Power Cable UK Type C13
1271-Z1P-A|Power Cable AU Type C13
1272-Z1P-A|Power Cable US Type C13
1273-B2P-A|Cable Cover|2
1275-Z1P-A|Serial number sticker|1
1280-Z2P-A|Braided Sleeve|1
1281-B2P-A|Braided Sleeve Clip|5
1287-Z1P-A|Washer M7|1
1288-Z1P-A|Washer M6|3
1290-B2P-A|Filament guide|1
1301-Z2P-D|Integrated nozzle heater block 3mm filament|1
1306-Z2P-B|Hot end holder bottom|1
1307-Z2P-B|Hot end holder top|1
1308-Z2P-B|Cooling Rib Hot End|1
1309-Z2P-A|PTFE Isolator Coupler 3.2 mm|1
1310-Z2P-A|Hot end Isolator|1
1311-Z2P-A|Spring D2000|1
1313-Z1P-A|Model Cooling Fan 12VDC 0.1 A|2
1330-B2P-A|Hot-end Cooling Fan 5VDC 0.08A|1
1329-B2P-A|Dual fan bracket|1
1320-B2P-A|Print Head Top|1
1321-B2P-A|Print Head Middle|1
1322-B2P-A|Print Head Bottom|1
1325-Z1P-A|Insert material sticker|1
1326-Z1P-A|Warning sticker
1315-Z1P-A|Jumper 21348 B2P A ISO 7380 M3x4 A2|4
1351-Z1P-A|ISO 4762 M2,5x10|2
1352-Z1P-A|Set Screw M3x14|1
1354-Z1P-A|ISO 724 Hex nut M7|1
1358-Z1P-A|chipboard panel screw 2.5x16|8
1400-Z1P-A|Hex Key Wrench 1.5|1
1401-Z1P-A|Hex Key Wrench 2|1
1402-Z1P-A|Hex Key Wrench 2.5|1


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And for the Ultimaker 2 plus?

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Has anyone actually built this? And if so how much did it cost you?

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WyoLum is a company of Open Hardware boosters. We love and believe in the power of Open Hardware.

We have purchased 3 Ultimaker 2's believing that they were Open and now we feel betrayed by Ultimaker. After all, Ultimaker would not exist if their predisessors were as short sighted and offer Open Licencing with commercial privileges.

Now Lutzbot is the clear choice for Open Hardware supporters. We would like a refund on 3 Ultimakers 2s!

330ebfecfe83567d219e2953c04c277d?default=blank&size=40renegrande commented ago

Since no license is ever signed you are free to reverse engineer any product for commercial (for profit) purposes. At least in North America. Unless Ultimaker has a patent protection. Really they benefited from open source initially but now they have put a lot of effort into it and dont want to share - makes perfect sense. Maybe I will do the cad drawings for a ultiopen 2 and post them lol.

Mini 09w2lpjgUltimaker published this design ago