Ultimaker Airplane Model

Snapfit airplane model by Valcrow. You can download the files here and follow the print and assembly tutorial on our site!


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You can find our detailed print and assembly guide here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20399-airplane-model 
Please note that only a left version of the main and tail wing are available as STL files; to create the right version mirror the object in your slicer of choice.  

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Materials and methods

- Filament



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0e40e3a0d53266d18945e97ed07c3bd8?default=blank&size=40Cosmin Buidan printed this ago
Carousel thumb 20190416 162104
Printed on:
Creality CR-10
0e40e3a0d53266d18945e97ed07c3bd8?default=blank&size=40Cosmin Buidan printed this ago
Carousel thumb 20190416 162131
Printed on:
Creality CR-10
Looks nice suing Glow in the dark material. Thanks
0e40e3a0d53266d18945e97ed07c3bd8?default=blank&size=40Cosmin Buidan printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 53311
Printed on:
Creality CR-10
Made everything at 65% except the propellers. I had to make them at 60% to git. Looks great. Thanks
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381f6cb90d910f1dc9f874d81ea2b8d1?default=blank&size=40mifga commented ago

There have been rumors of folks completing this project at 95% on the Ultimaker 3 -- if you do so, please share photos!

3e7731f672e6fb82abeaf5f0442b7cad?default=blank&size=40Medic265 added this to the Model, Aircraft collection ago
17b29baea390bdd799531c973deacbc0?default=blank&size=40Tom Brookhart commented ago

Also another thought, I have the dual extruder. So for example, any idea how to take the STL file of the fuselage and make it into 2 so you could do the fuselage in white and the windows in black? I'm obviously new to the 3D printing world and just curious as to how you combine 2 different files to line up perfectly to perform this task....

17b29baea390bdd799531c973deacbc0?default=blank&size=40Tom Brookhart commented ago

I can't find a smaller nozzle than .4 for my UM3 Ext. Do they make a smaller nozzle?

Mini 12505777953 3f0527420a bXYZWorkshop commented ago

Tom brookhart, it was designed for the Ultimaker 2 extended was released before the UM3 came out.

The UM3 on paper is 5mm shorter than the 2 .. this is because of the new print head is much bigger than before

17b29baea390bdd799531c973deacbc0?default=blank&size=40Tom Brookhart commented ago

I have an ultimaker 3 extended and I printed the fuselage at 100% but the wings don't fit until you get it down to 97.2%??? I thought this was made for the ultimaker extended?

Fc4b0673748a79360856c0acdbcea8c7?default=blank&size=40Jacob Ellis printed this ago
Carousel thumb 2016 11 15 17.11.20
Printed on:
I split this up in to parts that would fit the 120mm build volume of the Monoprice Select Mini and it came out great. I printed with 20% infill to give it some weight and while it used a lot more material it feels great and didn't affect the surface finish to any noticeable degree.
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3827b9da70d70822e973fa17252f92fe?default=blank&size=40JDM printed this ago
Carousel thumb photo sep 09  9 50 54 pm
Printed on:
It came out very nicely.
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Mini instagramcapture b5611b61 f131 4de9 977f 99d52cf01ab4Alen Kuhta printed this ago
Carousel thumb a380
Printed on:
Ultimaker 2
print is very nice
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Mini 11aNautilus printed this ago
Carousel thumb sdc11746
Printed on:
Ultimaker - Ultimaker Original
I am a bit stuck, I scaled 0.5% and i am starting to thing that is not printeble........having trouble with the motors...
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C7555f46b14655c9d8ef139e8738f1c2?default=blank&size=40Gav printed this ago
Carousel thumb photo 21 04 2016  14 45 24
Printed on:
ultimaker 2
All parts printed well and assembled pretty easily. Some snap fits were a bit tight due to the reduction in scale to fit on a UM2 but a bit of filing was all that was needed.
Excellent model!
65e2c7402eedd730f19e32825ddb8ccb?default=blank&size=40mdcompositi added this to the varie collection ago
C7555f46b14655c9d8ef139e8738f1c2?default=blank&size=40Gav printed this ago
Carousel thumb photo 15 04 2016  15 10 12
Printed on:
ultimaker 2
Wings and fuselage are complete...all looking good so far. Also scaled by 0.65 to fit on the UM2 but using a 0.25mm nozzle on all parts.
29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

@imaginables Yes, so you can either print a few engines at once about an inch apart which would allow the tips to cool enough as it travels to the next one (some stringing may occur) or you could drop the temperature down to 200 or so and set min layer time to 10 seconds. (which sounds crazy but it works and takes forever)

Cool head lift has never worked well for me... Also, printing the fan blades at 0.25 nozzle is ideal if not smaller.

@youmagine@lamor-selles.de wow. this worked better than I expected.. the engines are too small though I assume?

Mini img 1916deLamorDesign printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 2593
Printed on:
Ultimaker 2
Good. Scaled 0.65% to fit into the Ultimaker 2
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99803dfa29bcc5a1d191bfb9fb44277a?default=blank&size=40Shannon Greim added this to the fun collection ago
Mini imaginables logoImaginables Australia commented ago

Hi @valcrow , fantastic model. Thank you for sharing.

Been following your instructions closely but Do you have any tips on preventing this blobbing at the tips of the engines? Is it something to do with cool head lift? It was set to 10mm/s min speed


Thank you in advance

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29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

Max has a similar feature in subdividing polys, but like the example with the wing, if you have booleans and creases like the wing does, it may smooth out the main surfaces, but it also tends to mess up the edges.

I think the subdivisions need to happen before the booleans, but that also makes the booleans a lot more intensive. I guess its a case of picking your poison.

The Engines I agree are a little bit facety, but everything else at the scale we printed it looks pretty smooth. So unless you're scaling it up a lot, it should be pretty smooth for the most part.

9ba6fe71d2c2e88ca70dd4b04d7fb346?default=blank&size=40Fallout2077 added this to the things collection ago
7e45445faf9b67ba779ea0486ed9e53c?default=blank&size=40Anders Olsson commented ago

I uploaded two examples of what blender can do in my dropbox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10226162/blendereditedairplane.zip

The engine housing uses only subdivision surface which distorts sharp edges while the wing use both subdivision and edge split to keep sharp edges.

Hauke made them, he is the expert, in fact we share office at the University :-)

1569282f806d884036cd8ed6778c2379?default=blank&size=40Hauke commented ago


You can use Blender to smooth the mesh. In this case one can apply two modifier, "Edge Split" to keep sharp edges unaffected and "Subdivision Surface" to smoothen the rest.

29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

@andres Olsson Hey Anders! Thanks for the Kudos, means a lot coming from you :D Unfortunately this doesn't exist in a CAD format, this was done in mesh based software and that's the tessellation level that it was done at unfortunately. And due to it's complex curvature it was difficult to up the amount of polys without breaking other things.

While It's fast and organic to make things in Mesh software, you're right in that it shows it's limits here when you start seeing facets.

7e45445faf9b67ba779ea0486ed9e53c?default=blank&size=40Anders Olsson commented ago

This is an extraordinary design job, nice work!

It is a pity though that you saved the STL-files with such low quality settings as the STL-resolution is now limiting the quality rather than the CAD-model or the printer precision.

It would be nice if you re-saved the CAD-files as STL with much higher quality settings, aiming at a file size of like 5-10 times larger that the current files.

It appears like that 95% of all models that are uploaded are saved using default settings, which is unfortunate as a simple change of quality settings before saving would make the prints look nicer.

29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

@ockap - Comprehensive printing settings and instructions are written up here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20399-airplane-model

78612ea3a832602b202ae60d878d93d1?default=blank&size=40ockap commented ago

What settings do you recommend to print this plane?

Mini 2241c2348cc725c2e6cc8b960260d4b7R-Obert added this to the 3D UltimaKing collection ago
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29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

@ Nick S thanks! :D I think scaling it down may not work so well for tolerance on the connections, and the size of the engine blades would be so small that they likely wouldn't register. What I would recommend instead is to print the tail fuselage in 2 halves, and the wings in 2 halves and glue them together but keep the same overall scale.

That said I haven't tried scaling it down to UM2 size... maybe you can try and let us know how it goes :D

1e310fb9f7b3540124fa3a2a97256abd?default=blank&size=40Nick S commented ago

This looks just brilliant. You have done it again Valcrow. For those of us with the shorter UM2, could you do a smaller version? Or if we scaled it down in Cura would it still work out?

Mini 09w2lpjgUltimaker published this design ago