Ultimaker Minimum Printhead

A drop-in upgrade for the stock UM printhead assembly

3D printer parts and enhancements

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This design:  
- Increases Z build volume by about 6mm  - Reduces moving mass by about 35 grams  - Reduces overall printhead bulkiness, giving better access to the machine and a cleaner look.  - Drastically simplifies assembly, disassembly, and maintenance.  - Theoretically increases print accuracy by reducing the magnitude of wobble in the 6mm linear bearings.  

**Designed for use with Reptar XY blocks.(http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:154859)  Might collide with stock XY blocks... but you shouldn't still be using those anyway!*  
**2013.11.10 - Update:** *Discovered that running the fan wire directly alongside the unshielded portion of the thermocouple wire can cause unstable temperature readings due to EMI. Keep the fan wire outside the spiral bundle for the several inches between the hotend and thermocouple PCB to avoid this.*  
**General Update:** *When printing without the fan turned on, enough heat radiates from the print into the printhead that this part can soften if it is PLA. Nothing terrible happens, but the hotend will start to slump slightly, so if you print without the fan, it is probably best to print this in ABS or another material. On my other machine, which always uses the fan, I have 100+ hours of print time since installing it... and it is still looking great.*  
**2013.09.23 - v0.8 Changelog:** *Fixed the M3 hole sizes, which were tighter than they should have been. Tweaked the profile of the bowden-viewing window.*  



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Carousel thumb img 20161209 220023
Printed on:
Formlabs Form 2
A clear print with great tolerance
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Carousel thumb miniprinthead4
Printed on:
Ultimaker Original+
With Ultimaker cpe+ / 0.1resolution
Mini jens profiljeracom printed this ago
Carousel thumb miniprinthead4
Printed on:
Ultimaker Original+
with Filament Ultimaker cpe+ / 0.1 resolution
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I was wondering where you put the electronics that are present on the original printhead. Do you have a photo of it?

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