UM2 spring replacement

This replaces the spring - it has a hole so you can see the bowden inside

3D printer parts and enhancements

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    I printed this from ABS because I wasn't sure how hot it gets in there - PLA is probably fine but I didn't want to risk it. Works great.
    Print it as shown (which is upside down) as it prints better like this with the gradual overhang instead of sudden overhang inside.
    The flip it over such that the teflon hits the sharp shelf.  I recommend printing with one (1) line of brim and then it locks into the aluminum nicely.
    This is designed to be the right length for the Olsson block but without the i2k.  If you have an i2k you want to print this slightly shorter.  Just put the stl file into Cura, go to SCALE  feature, unlock the 3 axis, go to absolute mode (versus percent mode) and reduce the length by the thickness of the i2k.



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    Regarding the 175 - this was originally created to work with a 1.75mm conversion kit I sell (I give these away with the kit) because I realized many people put this in the second nozzle position on the head and then just switch the bowden back and forth to switch filament. But this part works fine for either 1.75mm or 3mm filament - it makes no difference as the teflon part and the outer diameter of the bowden are the same.

    Mini ulti2arjanUltiArjan commented ago

    oh and your file names say 1.75 but looking at the dimensions it seems for the standard 2.85 setup.

    Mini ulti2arjanUltiArjan commented ago

    sounds like a smart idea, I'll give it a try next time I need to take the head apart.

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    3 reasons for the hole - all to do with vision:

    1) You can see if the bowden is properly seated - it's possible the that bowden feels like it's all the way inserted but it's hung up on the aluminum above.

    2) You can see the filament - sometimes I think the filament has hit the nozzle but actually only just got past that hole. this is not as important.

    3) Proper assembly. Tighten/rotate the round not all the way until it won't go any further, then put it all together except for the bowden. Then look inside that hole as you "loosen" the round nut (or raise the nozzle) and you can see exactly when the teflon touches the ledge inside my part. That way you don't put any extra pressure on the teflon part.

    Mini ulti2arjanUltiArjan commented ago

    I printed korneels original version in XT, used it for a long time, temperature is no issue. Any reason you added the hole in the front?

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