umo mod: IRobertI's feeder on UMO v4.0

An adapter for IRobertI's feeder (UM2), to mount it on an UMO

3D printer parts and enhancements

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    inspired by:
    for use with:


    UPDATE (v4.0):
    for this version, which is even more silent than version 2.0, you only need 4 fan dampeners like those:


    UPDATE (v2.0):
    i updated the design and uploaded a new model with dampers (you need three dampers 15x15mm  - M4 and three screws PH2 M4x10mm), works pretty good so far ;). i also added a picture that compares the noise before the dampers where installed and afterwards, it doesn't look much but it is and it also is way more silent than the original feeder.
    i recommend a 1.2mm walls and infill around 25%, no support is needed since it is integrated at the model files (only true for damped version)


    Since the original version didn't fit for me, i redesgined the um2 feeder adapter for the um original.
    This one was a perfect fit at mine - it's also super rigid as you can see at the following video (printed with 0.8 shell, 30% infill, "support everywhere"!!!):


    I reach up to ~12mm³/s without any underextrusion (see picture above).

    update: since I now calibrated my feeder I reach now up to 18mm³/s , didn't tried more so far...

    The E-steps per mm for an Mk8 drigear should be around 365 as I read, since I am still waiting for my 400steps/rev. motor I cannot confirm that. At the original stepper it is much lower (but the original motor does not work for high quality prints - 1.8° steps are just too unprecise!).

    update: the stepper arrived and 340 works very fine for me! (see here for more information:

    update2: i was still extruding way too much! 302 is perfect now, to calibrate for the first time do the following:
    - pop the bowden tube out the hotend
    - preheat PLA (to activate the extruder motor)
    - extrude a bit until you can mark the filament at the bowden end
    - let it extrude 10mm
    - mark again and measure as accurate as you can
    - new E-steps = old E-steps * (10/measured mm)

    I also recommend some rubber washers between motor and the adapter to further minimize noise (it is very quiet compared to the original!). you can also use a selfmade silicone-damper as me:

    As an UMO-user you will not have an clamp for the feeder, I suggest that one:

    Materials and methods

    - 1x MK8 drive gear (ID 5mm)

    - 1x Stepper (NEMA 17, bipolar, 400steps/revolution (0.9°), around 44Ncm holding torque or more (e.g.: sparkfun's ROB-10846))

    - XH 4pol male connector (used at LiPo balancers), or the original cable (solder and use shrink tubes)

    - ball bearing from the original feeder

    - some screws and washers (normal, spring and rubber)


    for the damped version v3 you need additionally:

    - 3x 15x15mm M4 rubber buffers

    - 3x PH2 M4x10mm screws


    for the damped version v4 you need additionally:

    - 4x fan decoupling slics



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    Thanks so much……….have a wonderful Day.

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    Please, somebody can tell me, where is the complete model. Since I do not see the pieces that hold and push the filament, where the screw goes to adjust. Thank you very much.

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    Thanks ;) Nice to hear that!

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    It's really really silent - used the newest version with the fan dumpers and can't hear anything from the feeder anymore. Thanks a lot for your effort and this design! Amazing!

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    Can you please show me (picture) how the fan dampeners are attached?

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    Thanks a lot! Although i havent tried yet to extrude filament.. I get filament grinding all the time.

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