Universal Ultimaker 2 Spool Holder

This is a universal Spool Holder for the Ultimaker 2(+) and is easy detachable while holding a spool. This makes it easy for people who don't have good access to the back of their printer.

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Now updated to V2. (changelog below)

The Spool Holder can hold spools with an inside diameter from 39mm up to 70mm and a maximum width between 95mm and 125mm (depending on the inside diameter).

Technical information:
The tread used to clamp the spool is a multi pitch thread (multiple starts, like a jar of jam) so the travel per revolution is 3 times as much. This makes putting on the nut easier and you don't have to make as much revolutions to clamp the spool.

Changelog Update V2: I made the tolerances bigger so there should be no more problems with parts that don't fit. I also improved the strength of the Threaded Cone V2 so it wont brake when you tighten the treads hard. This resulted in an increase of the minimum inside spool-diameter that can fit (was 33 now is 39).

In the "Files V1 (old model).zip" you can find the files before the update.
I also uploaded the .gcode files I used to print the V2 model. I know these files work on Ultimaker's 2 and 2+ (Maybe on the Ulitmaker 3 as well)

I used the Low friction spool holder by IRobertI as inspiration.

The Solidworks and step files are also available.

(this video is taken from the old V1 model, the new one works just as well)

Materials and methods

I used Cura 2.5.0 to slice.
I printed everything in PLA, the tolerances in this model don't work with ABS.

General settings I used:
- Nozzle diameter 0.4mm.
- Speed 60mm/s for all parts except for ''Long Tube'' and ''Short Tube'' use 30mm/s for those.

Make one of every part except for the "Plastic Bearing" you need to of those.
Print all parts in the the original orientation.
Use support for the part ''Printer mount''.

It is also recommended to print the parts: "Printer mount" and "T-piece" with 100% infill. When you use very heavy spools this is NECESSARY.

You also need:
- M8 threaded rod 145mm long.
- 2x M8 nuts to assemble.
- If possible I recommend Tread locker (LOCTITE) on the nuts.

If you use Cura to slice:
Slice the the parts ''Long Tube'' and ''Short Tube'' with a shell thickness of 1.1mm so you don't get infill lines. (this is faster and the quality will be better)

You can also use my .gcode files.



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353d561bef5468867d3c95d8a2d948ab?default=blank&size=40undeviljur commented ago

Oke that is weird.

That it printed 1 part an than the second one is a setting you can choose in cura. But it should work without crashing in to the first part.

But i don't understand what went wrong.

Apologies again.

57a94e0614da6f5b655e0309d2295dce?default=blank&size=40Dan M commented ago

The fan ducts are stock. What was strange was that normally, my printer would do all 3 parts together but in this case, it completely finished the printer mount and then lowered the table to do the other parts after

353d561bef5468867d3c95d8a2d948ab?default=blank&size=40undeviljur commented ago

Sorry to hear that the print head crashed into the part.

Did you by any chance have a bigger fan duckt than the stock ultimaker 2/2+?

Hope you still enjoy the spool holder I designed.

57a94e0614da6f5b655e0309d2295dce?default=blank&size=40Dan M commented ago

I built this using the gcode files provided. The quality of the prints was excellent. One issue. When I printed the gcode for the short tube/printer mount/T piece, it printed the "printer mount" first and then tried to print the short tube and T piece after. Needless to say, the hot end crashed into the short tube. I used the parts separately and it was all good

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Mini kanalbild makethings3dMakeThings3D commented ago

No Problem then I Print it in PLA Thanks :-)

353d561bef5468867d3c95d8a2d948ab?default=blank&size=40undeviljur commented ago

Marc M, Yes I did print it in PLA. The Ultimaker 2 doesn’t compensate for the amount of ABS shrinkage. In my opinion there is no good reason to print this design in ABS (will also add this to the description)

Mini kanalbild makethings3dMakeThings3D commented ago

I tried it to print in ABS but the Tolerances to small! Have you print it on PLA?

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