Verkstan Face Shield North American 6 Hole Fixed

Fixed North American version of the Verkstan 3D Printed face shield


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This is a fix of the original 3D Verkstan Face Shield


This is a fix of the original 3D Verkstan Face Shield

I have added a flowchart file for you to easily determine which file you need to download

To be used with a normal American 3 hole punch with a half inch spacer and a 8.5x11" sheet of plastic. Print out the 1/2" spacer here:

Place the spacer on the fixed end of the 3 hole punch. Punch your sheet, flip it over, and punch again. That way you have 6 holes on one side.

If you are in north america but you have an A4 sheet of plastic, you can use the files with the name "A4" in them. Same use of the 1/2 spacer.

If you are using the TEMPLATE from the original verkstan face shield north america 6 hole instructions done by either laser cutting or single hole punch, download the file ending in "forSHP". There is also a version without tabs with the ending "notabs" if you have difficulty getting the material on the pegs.

If you find that without the tabs the film comes off the backmost pegs, you can use a dab of superglue (cyanoacrylate) to hold them in place. The glue is not in contact with the user and is generally considered safe when cured.

UPDATE 4/13/20 3:20 PM. I have added a flowchart to make it easier for people to determine which file to use
UPDATE 4/13/20 11:50 AM. I have added a single hole punch version without tabs by request.
UPDATE 4/12/20 7:01 PM. I have added a version compatible with Erik's original face shield template to be used with single hole punch or laser cutter.
UPDATE 4/11/20 9:57 PM. I have rounded off the posts for easier assembly.
UPDATE 4/11/20 12:07 AM. I have added a 1mm chamfer on the bottom to make it easier to remove and to reduce a lip on the bottom.
UPDATE 4/10/20 6:50 PM. I have added files compatible with A4 sheets of plastic.
UPDATE 4/10/20 1:25 PM. I have added the tabs to the backmost posts and increased the post length for more secure attachment.

Materials and methods

Same as the original Verkstan Face Shield



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6ecc7eedbd0546c144d51330727dcd13?default=blank&size=40bobwoollybush created issue Spacing Incorrect on US Fixed Latest ago
Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

Hi pyarnall. If you're using a template you might need to use the "forSHP" model I have added recently. I have added a pdf flowchart for you to determine which file to use.

0f4798988af24b9ffab1876a5a43190f?default=blank&size=40pyarnall commented ago

Hi Vlad, Apparently I used the wrong model. There are way too many versions floating around and frankly confusingly named. The model that I, and a huge number of other makers in the area have been printing, is what you apparently call the "A4" which has the 1" spacing, but all our sheets are cut to the 8.5 x 11 size, which is the US standard. It's no wonder folks are confused. The US version should be called "US Six Hole 1" Pin Spacing". No ambiguity, and the sheet size is not relevant. Just a matter of setting the holes from the edge appropriately. Assuming the pegs have been reduced from the original 8mm size to something compatible to the standard US punch diameter, 9/32", then the model would be ideal for the vast majority of US makers. I will look at the A4 model. Thanks!

5fc70a60522dd32ad9b9ec1d67da57a0?default=blank&size=40Jvatsal21 commented ago

Yes! The SHP frame without tabs is absolutely perfect. Would highly recommend to others!

Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

Hi jvatsal21, glad to hear! I have added the no tabs files by your request

5fc70a60522dd32ad9b9ec1d67da57a0?default=blank&size=40Jvatsal21 commented ago

That worked great! I just have one request: the tabs on the end pins is really difficult to put the film into without ripping, by any chance could you make the same frame for SHP without tabs?

Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

Hi Jvatsal, I did some testing. Basically the single hole punch we use in America is 7/32" as opposed to the 1/4" that the 3 hole punch uses.

So what I did was I created a new model that uses slightly smaller pegs AND is meant to be used with the official template that you linked. I am uploading it now it has the suffix "for SHP" which means for single hole punch. I just tested it out and it fits well!

5fc70a60522dd32ad9b9ec1d67da57a0?default=blank&size=40Jvatsal21 commented ago

I tried printing the A4 frame and every hole fit in properly except the 1 hole closest to the ear on both sides. By any chance, would you mind sending a template for holes to fix this issue?

5fc70a60522dd32ad9b9ec1d67da57a0?default=blank&size=40Jvatsal21 commented ago

Yes, I am using the template linked here:

So should I use this template traced with an 8.5 x 11'' film and put it on your A4 print frame?

Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

I think I know what your issue is. Since you are using a single hole punch, it means you're using the template from the original verkstan print right?

Try using the A4 print.

My hole spacing is based off of using a 3 hole punch with a half inch spacer. I adjusted it for using an A4 sheet and a 8.5x11" print. However part of the problem is that Erik's spacing is correct for an A4 sheet but its transposed onto a 8.5x11" which means it will be off.

5fc70a60522dd32ad9b9ec1d67da57a0?default=blank&size=40Jvatsal21 commented ago

I am using an 8.5 x 11 inch transparency film and I selected the Verkstan US Fixed Latest (not the A4 version), is that the correct one? Maybe I am using the wrong version or something because the holes for the shield frame seem to be bigger than the holes itself to the point where I can't put it in without ripping the film itself.

Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

Hi Jvatsal21, what size sheet are you using? Are you using the correct model for the type of sheet you're using? I have tested these designs and use them for my own face shield manufacturing.

I am testing these with a regular 3 hole punch. While the single hole punches should be the same size (1/4"), there is considerable variation within the US. You can try double punching. Also the posts are a little oversized for the holes so that it has a snug interference fit.

5fc70a60522dd32ad9b9ec1d67da57a0?default=blank&size=40Jvatsal21 commented ago

Hi, I printed your design and I'm still finding that the pins are too large for my 1/4'' hole puncher (I am using a single hole puncher) and I'm also finding that the spaces are off when placing the sheet itself.


Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

The "Regular" version has 21mm spacing for 8.5x11" sheets. The "A4" version has ~1" spacing for use with A4 sheets.

Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

Hi Pyarnall. I can put rounded edges on the tabs, I will print some out and test it out.

As for the hole distances I have tested them with both 8.5x11" and A4 sheets with the 1/2" spacer technique and they fit well for me. What size sheets are you using? Are you using the correct file for the sheets you are using?

0f4798988af24b9ffab1876a5a43190f?default=blank&size=40pyarnall commented ago

The US version is partially fixed and partially broken. The pins - tabs are now smaller and 1/4" from flat to flat, (not sure why they are square in cross section instead of at least partially rounded). Adding a few fillets eases that issue which is easy enough to do. (Thanks for making the SW file). The "broken" part is that the tab to tab centers are not 1", but rather 21mm. Changing the centers dimension to a new number raises havoc with the folks making the shield sheets.

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