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Jörgen Sahibzada


<p>Realized that I have printed a lot of stuff on my printers, but so little that is mine to share!</p><p>Most of it been designs I have made for others!</p><p>I have my own consultant firm 3D design engineer, and inventor.</p><p>I have 2 3D printerns, both makerbot, replicator dual and replicator X2.</p><p>I also have à 150 W laser cutter 1300x800 mm.</p><p><br></p>


3D printing, 3d modelling, CNC, DIY, Makerbot, Mechanical Engineering, Soldering, SolidWorks, UAV Pilot, creativity, laser cutting, machining, metal working, programming

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  • Replicator (Dual)
    Makerbot replicator dual small

    Replicator (Dual)

    Printer 1

    Self modified Replicator (dual).

  • Replicator 2X
    Makerbot replicator 2x small

    Replicator 2X

    Printer 2

    Under modification!