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Romain Di Vozzo


I am an Independent Artist, a Research Engineer at <i>Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatisme</i> (INRIA), and the fablab manager of <i>Fablab Digiscope</i>.&nbsp;I am also a local community support for Ultimaker in France ( + Spain and Italy sometimes).&nbsp;<br>

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  • Ultimaker 2
    Utm2 small

    Ultimaker 2


    We have two Ultimakers 2 at Fablab Digiscope, the fablab I run.

  • Ultimaker Original
    Utm org small

    Ultimaker Original


    This is my home printer. I had it for my first collaboration with Ultimaker.

  • Ultimaker 3
    Utm3 small

    Ultimaker 3


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