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Handle for thin walled covers

A handle suitable for mounting on thin walled covers. It can be used on covers for resin printers, wash/cure stations, dry boxes etc.

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I use some devices (a resin printer, a washing/curing station, filament dry boxes) with poly-carbonate thin walled covers which require lifting with two hands.
My goal was to create a handle which makes possible lifting such a cover with one hand. It may be specially useful for resin printers - no more resin smudges on the printer cover.

Materials and methods

As for the shown sample:

- Ultimaker 3 with extruder #1: AA 0.4, material Ultimaker Black PLA (extruder #2 not used),
- stadard UM profile "fast" (resolution 0.2mm) with following modifications:
__ Generate Support: On
__ Support Extruder: Extruder 1
__ Support Pattern: Zig Zag
__ Support Density: 30%
>Build Plate Adhesion<
__ Build Plate Adhesion Type: Brim
__ Build Plate Adhesion Extruder: Extruder 1
__ Brim Extra Margin: 7mm

- 2x handle half,
- 2x fixing plate,
- drill template.
NOTE: Choose the fixing plate corresponding to the cover wall thickness. Only one drill template is needed if you print more then one handle.

- 3x machine screws M3x12 with TX10 socked head (head diam 5.3) + 3x M3 hex nuts,
- 2x machine screws M5x8 with low profile Allen 3mm socked head (head diam 8.75) + 2x M5 T-nuts (OpenBuilds type) + 2x M5 washer (5.2x10x1),
- thin double-sided adhesive tape.

- usual tools for finishing the parts (knives, files, sanding sticks etc.),
- screwdriver TX10,
- 3mm Allen key,
- a pin vice with drill bit diam 2 to 3mm (I used diam 2.4mm),
- an electric drill with drill bit diam 15mm.

>Handle Assembly<
Place T-nuts in the slots at one of the halves and put the handle halves together (pic2).
Screw together the halves with M3 screws and nuts (pic3).

>Preparing the Cover<
Place the template on the cover at the desired handle position (double-sided tape can help in keeping it in place). Drill two pilot holes with the 2-3mm drill. (pic4)
Then remove the template and drill 15mm holes using the pre-drilled pilot holes as guides.(pic5)

>Attaching the handle<
Place the fixing plates at the cover inner side with cylindrical protrusions inside the holes. Press them in all the way. They should fit tightly.(pic6) If they are too loose use small pieces of double-sided tape to keep them in place.
Position the handle at the cover outer side and align the plates. Place the M5 screws (with washers under the heads) in the fixing plate screw holes. Engage the threads without tightening. Check alignment of the fixing plates and the handle (ribs at the plates should engage in slots at the handle). Tighten the screws and check that there are no gaps between the cover, the handle and fixing plates.



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