Modular Filament Shelves

Modular shelving for storing spools of filament

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I go through quite a bit of filament and like to keep a stock of different colors and materials so I can match the filament to nearly any project. However, this gets cumbersome when you're storing filament in bins or stacks and have to access a roll which is underneath something else. These shelves are my solution to that problem.

As you can see from the photos, I like to keep my filaments in boxes when I can. However, these shelves will work with boxed spools or raw spools.

This shelving is known to work with boxed filament from the following manufacturers:
* eSUN
* Hatchbox
* 3DXTech (PLA boxes only fit in one direction)
* Filament Innovations
* SainSmart metal filaments

The following manufacturers' filament spools fit, although you might have to transplant spools into another manufacturer's box if you want to keep your filament in boxes:
* Proto Pasta
* Zen Toolworks
* IC3D

Materials and methods

The shelving shown was printed with the following settings:
* Printer is an 8" Prusa i3 variant, and all parts are designed to fit within an 8" bed
* 0.6mm nozzle
* 0.254mm layers (ACME lead screws for Z)
* 2 perimeters
* 2 top layers
* 2 bottom layers
* 10% infill

With those settings, you get a surprisingly strong shelving unit that prints reasonably quickly and uses very little plastic. The picture with the large shelving probably consumed around 6kg of PLA to build.



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