Modular Protective Visor

This is a modular version of the 3D Verkstan protective visor


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Based on original design: Protective Visor by 3DVerkstan by Erik Cederberg


Europe 4-hole has been added. Individual files and a complete set are available for download.
This can be printed on a 140mm x 140mm bed. The build is 130x130 to allow for a raft

Complete sets for the North American 3-Hole and Sweden 6-Hole have been added.
These can be printed on a 140mm x 140mm bed. The build is 130x130 to allow for a raft.

Sweden 6_hole has been added, Euro 4_hole will follow shortly.

Keep checking back frequently for updates to these models. And as always, please provide feedback on assembly.

After some testing, a rubber band or elastic wrapped around the end hooks seems to work best when wearing this model. The connection the visor has a greater tendency to twist. I'll see if I can modify the print to be a little more rigid, but the primary concern is still being able to clean the visor as effectively as possible.

This model is near identical to the original protective visor. I modified to be modular to fit in a 3D printer with a bed as small as 100mm x 100mm (4"x4").

I've been printing it on an M3D micro, and other than deburring, the prints snap together very tightly.

As you can see in the head-shot photo, the visor stays together well and the clear sheet still fits snugly
Feel free to modify further, or provide suggestions!


Materials and methods

I used PETG for these prints. But the snaps should still be strong enough with PLA.


  • Placeholder
    Visor 3 Hole Modular
    3DM  –  13 mb
    Version 1 - Apr 03, 2020
  • Placeholder
    Visor 3 Hole Single Piece
    3DM  –  350 kb
    Version 1 - Apr 03, 2020
  • Placeholder
    Visor Frame Modular Complete Sets
    ZIP  –  82 mb
    Version 1 - Apr 06, 2020
  • Placeholder
    Visor Frame Europe 4 Hole Complete Set
    ZIP  –  76 mb
    Version 1 - Apr 12, 2020
  • Placeholder
    Visor Frame North America Letter 3 Hole Modular
    ZIP  –  42 mb
    Version 1 - Apr 05, 2020
  • Placeholder
    Visor Frame Sweden V11 Modular
    ZIP  –  43 mb
    Version 1 - Apr 05, 2020


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Mini head shotGarrett Lord commented ago

Steve G, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make those changes and post an update.

A1cc041f3cc5a5977337c5fc643fb0c7?default=blank&size=40Steve G commented ago

To eliminate supports on the right brow arm connector could the connection be swapped top-bottom? Then arm can then be flipped on the print bed.

Mini head shotGarrett Lord commented ago

Thanks, @emanuelec!

I've added the Europe 4-hole as individual pieces and as a complete set.

Mini head shotGarrett Lord commented ago

@emanuelec I've uploaded the Europe 4 hole, as individual pieces and as a complete set.

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Thanks for the great work!

When do you think the Euro 4 hole will be available?

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Mini head shotGarrett Lord commented ago

Is anyone else having an issue with the pegs feeding through the holes?

I can see if making the holes bigger will help. I just received an order of PLA today, so i can test it with that. I've been using PETG, so my prints have all turned out relative durable.

19de0341382c9cad20263aa11cbc89cb?default=blank&size=40JayArgh commented ago

I just tried this on my Qiditech X-one2, using QIDI-Print for slicing, printed in PLA. QIDI-Print for some reason would not let me put all four pieces on the same lay-out, so I printed in two batches.

The studs that connect all the pieces together were quite brittle when printed in PLA, they all snapped with a little bit of pressure. I recommend anyone using PLA clean out the holes for the studs well, so as not to snap them on assembly and use glue when assembling. Let the glue dry before trying it on.

Otherwise, the design printed fine and

548e5c9f14fd42215e68885744f92a2b?default=blank& commented ago

I have a FlashForge Finder with a 14x14cm bed. Currently I'm down to 1.26 minutes using raft, but I'm going to try without the raft.

Any suggestions on layout much appreciated.

1d521aac3a6f98bfcf8d4e9804362aad?default=blank&size=40MariaLovelöv commented ago

Great! Thank you!

I have a Flashforge Finder, the bed size is 140 mm x 140 mm. Do you think I can fit more on there?

Mini head shotGarrett Lord commented ago

What printer are you using? Since there are many bed sizes, I left the pieces individual.

If it’s bigger than 100mm square than you should be able to place multiple on the same print.

I’d also be happy to provide pre-located parts of you provide a bed size.

548e5c9f14fd42215e68885744f92a2b?default=blank& commented ago

Does anyone have suggestions on how to place the parts as close together as possible to insure faster print? What would be a good layout?

Mini head shotGarrett Lord commented ago

The Sweden 6 hole model has been added. I'm working on the Euro 4 hole now.

1d521aac3a6f98bfcf8d4e9804362aad?default=blank&size=40MariaLovelöv commented ago

Thank you so much! That would be awsome!

Mini head shotGarrett Lord commented ago

Sorry about the delayed response, I've been setting up another 3D printer.

I'll have that set up for you both in a few hours, MariaLovelöv and krismcewan.

1d521aac3a6f98bfcf8d4e9804362aad?default=blank&size=40MariaLovelöv commented ago

Hi Garrett!

Would you be able to do one modifyed for the Swedish model aswell as provided from 3DVerkstan? I’ll then begin to produce here in Sweden!

696c0f62fbea21ad13afeb8e6d46e5f9?default=blank&size=40krismcewan commented ago

Can you do this for the 4 hole Euro model. this woudl fit on my smaller printer.

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