Modulex-Compatible Brick

Brick/tile/plate generator for blocks which are compatible with the abandoned Modulex M20 system


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Inspired by my collection of Modulex M20 bricks/tiles/plates


Long out of production, the Modulex M20 system (originally produced by Lego) was sort of an idealized block system based on a cubic unit cell for use in professional modelling and architectural mock-ups. However, it has been abandoned for several decades. This is an attempt to make a brick model generator so fans can generate bricks which are missing from their collections.

Please note it will be pretty much impossible to make a brick with as good of quality as the originals on a 3D printer of any type. You will not be able to "forge" rare bricks with this. The original molds were absolutely superb, and no printer I've ever seen can match their quality. This is an attempt to preserve an old and out-of-production building system/"toy" and is strictly intended to be used by fans to generate bricks/tiles/plates they may not have access to for the purposes of building models for themselves.

That said, in the interest of maintaining accuracy, these blocks do support adding text to the top of the studs. Two examples are provided. One is a 2x4 brick with ELGO on the studs (a historical joke for fans of the history of Lego and Modulex) and the other is a 2x4 with W's on the studs. However, it would be even cooler if you added your own flair to them by customizing the text with your own name/nickname/project/club.

The design is fully customizable to suit your printer's tolerances, and it supports generating both tube-centered and unsupported-center bricks as well as tiles and plates. For accuracy, you can use round-bottomed tubes or for easier printability you can print them as flat-bottomed.

Materials and methods

I printed mine with eSUN PLA+ and an 0.3mm nozzle. Print on a raft, because the first layer's integrity is critical and elephant's foot would ruin the fit. Better results could probably be achieved with a resin printer.



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