NEMA17 4:1 Gearbox

A printable gearbox that fits standard NEMA17 stepper motors.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Here's a 4:1 gearbox for NEMA17 stepper motors that utilizes herringbone gears for smooth power transfer and minimal side-thrust from the gears.


Parts have been designed to be 0.3mm larger. This should be taken taken into account when printing.

If you are unable to assemble the parts as shown or if there is any backlash in the assembled gearbox, you will need to modify the design files/change part dimensions to fit your printer.

For more details, assembly steps, design files, and a guide to designing printable gears in Autodesk Inventor see my post at

Materials and methods

- 4x 20mm M3 Screws
- 4x 16mm M3 Screws
- 4x 1.6mm M3 Low-Profile Nuts



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