Raspberry Pi Model B mounting plate for P3Steel

This is a mounting plate for affixing the Raspberry Pi Model B to the P3Steel frame.

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This is another mount I've designed to attach my Raspberry Pi OctoPi server to my printer. I'm currently using this on the right side panel of my P3Steel frame.

When I assembled this, I used M3 nylon nuts--the kind from PCB standoff kits--as a simplified form of locknuts.

Please feel free to post any questions or suggestions!

Materials and methods

- 2x 6mm long M3 screws
- 2x 8mm long M3 screws
- 2x M3 PCB standoffs (I used 6mm male-to-female ones)
- 4x M3 washers (recommended)
- 4x M3 nuts (nylon or nylock recommended)
- 3MM drill bit, to slightly widen the P3Steel frame holes



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