UltiRoll Holder

Ultibot Toilet Roll Holder

For your home

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Ultimaker Robot Head That Holds Your Toilet Rolls.

One Ear Has A Shaft That Holds The Toilet Roll In Place and The Other Ear Rotates To Lock The Center Shaft In Place.

The Slit For The Toilet Paper Is A little Small But The Paper Still Feeds Through Fine. It Just Makes It A Little Fiddly To Feed The Paper Through.

Was Made To Fit The Large Diameter NZ Toilet Rolls So It Should Fit All Sizes

Materials and methods

Was Printed On UM2+
0.25mm Layer Height
0.8mm Nozzle For Head and Pin
0.4mm Nozzle For Lock, This Is To Get Clear Lettering
1.6mm Wall Thickness
40mm/s Print Speed with 20mm/s Top/Bottom Print Speed (for Large Overhangs.
Fans 100% For Overhangs.
8% infill For Head And Pin
15% Infill For Lock
No Need For Support as long as you print cold and slow enough.



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Carousel thumb img 20170412 151657
Printed on:
Ultimaker 3
Printed great at 100micron!
Love the design! Fits really snugly, not too tight but not too loose either.
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