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Diego Miguel Picazo


I´m 16 years old and I like to make all kind of stuff related to Technology. I actually did: - An electric Skateboard - A 3D Printed drone (MHQ2 from Thingiverse) - The OpenRC Truggy from Daniel Norée - RC Cessna 152 from 3dLabPrint You can follow me on the Social Networks so you don´t lose anything about me! - Twitter: - Instagram: - Youtube: - Thingiverse: - RedPah: If you really like my work, I would appreciate a donation, It would help me a lot. Thanks!


3D design, 3D printing, DIY, Soldering

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  • Prusai 3
    Reprap prusai3 small

    Prusai 3

    Anet A8

    This is my first printer

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